Photo© Jan Gyllensten

Swedish warmblood
Born 1985. Died 2003.
Breeder Bollerups lantbruksinstitut.

During Amirals first Grand Prix year in 1995 Kyra rode him to an impressive tenth place at the European Championships.
Unfortunately, at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996 Amiral suffered a serious eye injury just one week before the competition. Although he was fit to compete, due to the wonderful co-operation of the American vets, the loss of training resulted in a weak performance in the Grand Prix and twenty-eight place.

By the the end of the summer in 1998 Flyinge sold Amiral to Pether Markne. Kyra and Amiral could, thanks to the new owner, still start at the World Equestrian Games in Rome. There they finished their joint competition career in tenth place. Amiral was later exported to the United States where he was enjoying life as a breeding stallion until his death in 2003.