Finnish Warmblood
Gelding, Born 2000
Breeder: Susanne Söderling-Haddas

Matata was born in Finland and “made to order”. The breeder is a friend of Kyra’s. Matata’s grandmother, Silvia, has had many successful offspring both in dressage and show jumping. Silvia’s daughter Astrid is by Amiral which Kyra competed while working at Flyinge. Kyra suggested the sire, Matador and they used frozen semen as he was standing in Denmark.


Matata spent his first years at Bollerup and came to England as a four-year-old.

Matata hasn’t competed yet but has participated in a couple of lecture demonstrations. In Addington 2007 Kyra jokingly introduced him “Matata is somewhere between Elementary and Grand Prix”